IFS Italy

You can use Fulfilleo to import tracking numbers of orders shipped by IFS Italy.

Here are the settings that you need to set up in Fulfilleo.


Schedule the automation to run every hour at a selected minute.


You need to replace <API_KEY> with the API Key that you received from IFS Italy.

Data mapping

Format: JSON

  • Order (JSONPath): $.orders

  • Order Number (JSONPath): $.reference

  • Shipments (Ignore)

  • Tracking Number: $.tracking_code

  • Tracking Company (Fixed): IFS

  • Tracking URL (JSONPath): $.tracking_url

  • Items (JSONPath): $.items

  • SKU (JSONPath): $.sku

  • Quantity (JSONPath): $.quantity


Make sure to add a filter "Tracking Number - is not empty". Otherwise the automation would also fulfill orders that haven't been shipped yet, and there would be no tracking numbers.

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