Custom Tracking URLs

Shopify supports many different shipping carriers when adding a tracking number to an order.

Your customers receive then an email with the tracking number linked to a website where they can check their package status.

Nevertheless, there are still shipping companies not recognized by Shopify. You can then enter a custom tracking URL.

Fulfilleo enables you to automate adding custom tracking URLs to your orders.

Fixed Tracking URL

If you work with a single shipping carrier, then you can define a fixed URL. Fulfilleo will append the tracking number at the end of the fixed URL.

Variable Tracking URL

If you work with multiple carriers then you can specify a Liquid script that will generate a proper tracking URL based on the carrier name.

{%- if trackingCompany == 'Box Runner' -%}
{%- elsif trackingCompany == 'Speedy' -%}
{%- endif -%}

You can also define rules to determine the tracking URL based on the tracking number format. For example, looking at the first three digits of the tracking number.

{%- assign firstThreeDigits = trackingNumber | slice: 0, 3 %}
{%- if firstThreeDigits == '157' -%}{{trackingNumber}}
{%- elsif firstThreeDigits == '770' -%}{{trackingNumber}}
{%- endif -%}

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