Update order tracking from Text

With Fulfilleo you can fulfill orders or individual items based on data extracted from text contents of an e-mail.

If tracking information is included in the body of an e-mail, not as an attachment, you can extract this information, by setting the source format to Text.

Fulfilleo supports cases where there is one tracking number for all items per e-mail.

To extract fulfillment information from an e-mail you need to set Channel to Email in Source section of your Fulfilleo automation.

In Data Mapping section you need to set Format to Text and fill out following fields: Order Number, Tracking Number, Tracking Company, Tracking URL. In order to fill those fields, you need to provide regular expressions that will match text contents of the e-mail that the automation will process.

All e-mails to be processed by Fulfilleo automation must have a consistent format.


Consider an e-mail in the following format:

To create regular expressions that will match the contents of the e-mail above, you simply need to enter the whole line that precedes the actual value to be extracted.

Fulfilleo automatically adds a capturing group in brackets at the end of every Data Mapping element. It is responsible for extracting the concrete information from the surrounding text. The capturing group expression added by Fulfilleo is (.*), which is the most generic expression, allowing a match regardless of the data format. You can add that capturing group explicitly, but it isn't necessary as it is added automatically under the hood.

You can specify a different capturing group based on the data format for particular Data Mapping element. In the example above, the order number is expressed only with digits, doesn't have any letters or special characters. In that case, we can specify the capturing group in such a way that it will only match actual numbers: ([0-9]+). When you're specifying a different capturing group, you must include it in the Data Mapping field explicitly.


Let's consider an e-mail with a different format.

Once again we have to provide each line of text preceding the concrete data. It is crucial that the text is identical, you have to be careful not to add additional spaces or change the letter cases.

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