Update order tracking from CSV

With Fulfilleo you can automatically mark both entire Shopify orders and individual items as fulfilled with a tracking number based on a sheet from your supplier.

Basic setup for fulfilling the entire order

In order to fulfill all items in the order, you need only its number and a tracking number.

For the above example, use the following settings in the Data Mapping section. The first row contains the column names, so click on the gear icon and check the option First row is a header.

Fulfill part of order based on vendor

When items in an order come from different vendors, you can create fulfillment automations for each vendor. In that case, set SKU to Vendor, and enter vendor name in the empty field. This way, the order items will be divided into multiple shipments according to the product vendor.

Fulfill each line item separately

It may happen that an order is divided into multiple shipments. In such case the sheet from a supplier looks something like this:

In the above sheet, column A is the order number, B contains tracking numbers, C is the quantity, and D is the SKU. The item list starts with the first row. The Items start row field will appear when you select the option that SKU is to be taken from a specific column. Configure your Data Mapping section as follows:

Extract data from a specific cell in CSV

Referring to a specific cell in a spreadsheet can be applied in the following fields: Order Number, Tracking Number and Tracking Company.

For example, in the following sheet, the order number (yellow) is in cell B2.

There are two ways to extract it from this cell.

Extract data from a single cell using its address

The first method is providing the cell address using its column and row indexes. So for the above example, enter B2 in the Order Number field in the Data Mapping section:

Extract data from a single cell using Liquid

Another way is to use the rows variable in the desired field. Please note that arrays in Liquid are indexed starting from 0, so the B2 address with the Liquid syntax will look like this:

Set the row from which the items start

If you want Fulfilleo to fuflil specific items, omit rows that do not contain tracking data. In the example below tracking data for individual items starts from row number 3 (red: SKU, green: quantity, blue: tracking number).

Select the row number from which starts the list of items to be fulfilled.

This option is available only if you have not selected to fulfil all items.

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